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ARTX Trading
Leading the Yield Feeding revolution and the future of wealth management.

Dear ARTX community, it has been a little over two months since we started this journey and, as you know, we have encountered a very unfavorable market during this time. Those of us who have been in this world for several years know that these market behaviors are to be expected and that we have to be prepared for them, but it is also true that this big correction has hit us at one of the most sensitive moments of the project: right at the beginning.

However, this will only make us stronger. With the data, information, and expertise acquired…

After the first two months of the ARTX project, we have found some key points of tokenomics that deserve to be improved to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

As of June 2, we have carried out the distribution of ARTX Shares that corresponded to the month of May. …

A month after the launch of ARTX and after listening and discussing with our community what needs they see for the project, we have reached an agreement with CyberFi and Samurai StakePad to launch ARTX and ARTX/ETH LP Staking.

This will allow investors to earn ARTX and incentivize the provision of liquidity to the Uniswap pool. And at the same time, it will help small investors reach the 10,000 token amount that would give them access to ARTX Shares.

Staking $ARTX on the Samurai StakePad

Buy $ARTX:


ARTX will list with 250 ARTX daily…

Dear ARTX community, we continue to improve the terms and management of our Yield Feeding Pool so that all ARTX investors can get the most out of their investment.

As promised, we have discussed and governed with the Premium Holders how best to grow the Yield Feeding Pool organically and sustainably, so that the project acquires sustained and increasingly profitable growth.

The vast majority of those involved have agreed to contribute a percentage of the monthly profits to the growth of the Yield Feeding Pool. The team has agreed to cut its profit so that monthly distributions remain substantial.


How the buybacks will be performed?

As we explained in the ARTX Shares official launch, ARTX token buys will be made randomly throughout the month (with the team’s own liquidity to maintain the compound interest in the bot during the month), so that no one can speculate on the time when the buybacks will be made.

This has a series of implications that are detailed below so that all our premium holders have all the information and understand how the process will be carried out.

As the performance of the bot progresses and given the profits it generates, the team will be making purchases of ARTX…

After the successful launch of ARTX on April 3rd, and having reached during the following days a price ten times higher than the IDO price, the time has come to announce the official launch of ARTX Shares.

In our efforts to become one of the largest fund management companies in the DeFi ecosystem, and always with the purpose of allowing retail investors to access investment tools and financial products that in the traditional economy they cannot access, we have created a Yield Feeding Pool (YFP) worth $300,000, which we will manage with our bots and strategies to buy back ARTX…

In the fast-paced times in which we live, with an economy that is evolving at the speed of light and in the face of the digitization and transformation of everyday life, it is essential that wealth management does not lag behind and offers new, secure, open and decentralized solutions to people’s problems.

In this context, ARTX proposes a radical transformation of the traditional management funds, by relying on non-custodial and automatic management strategies that connects the traditional trading world with DeFi ecosystem, making ARTX token holders the main participants of this revolution.

Yield Feeding

As we detailed in this article, we will…

Committed to leading the Yield Feeding revolution and the future of wealth management, we have developed multiple bots and algorithmic trading strategies capable of achieving very high profits during 2020 and 2021.

Our bots are fully customizable and, most important thing, non-custodial: this means that the user keeps his funds in his possession, deposited in his own account on the trading platform (at this moment, Binance). This limits any risk of theft or hacking.

Through an API, they automatically manage the user’s wallet and executes buy & sell orders with the goal of making a profit on each of those…

At the speed at which technology and the financial ecosystem are evolving, companies, projects and individuals are finding it increasingly difficult to find new ways to manage their funds and capital in the most profitable, customizable and secure way.

In this context, ARTX is created with the main objective of helping projects and individuals to diversify their investments and generate passive income through automatic algorithmic trading strategies.

Yield Feeding

We call Yield Feeding the process that a project undertakes to:

  1. Mobilize its own funds that usually are at a standstill generating a high opportunity cost and creating with them a Yield Feeding…

ARTX Trading

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