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5 min readApr 12, 2024

Dear Artxnauts,

the universe has aligned for our latest endeavor — the MVP of the ARTX AI Bot is now live and operational!

The first premium holders have already begun configuring it and are watching their portfolios managed by the AI Bot. Over the next few weeks, DAO members will continue to enjoy the bot and send us their feedback and suggestions that will fuel our drive to enhance and expand its capabilities with new features.

What is the ARTX AI Bot?

The ARTX AI Bot is an automated asset manager accessible via Telegram, allowing anyone to connect their exchange account and let it pilot your investment journey.

Think of it as a co-pilot, which professionally manages your portfolio for you, so you don’t have to worry about your investments. It autonomously sells and buys the best assets for you, always maintaining an optimized portfolio in your wallet, adjusted to your desired risk.

The ARTX AI Bot uses Artificial Intelligence to design investors’ portfolios, which are constantly recalculated and adjusted directly in users’ wallets.

It is not a typical high-frequency trading bot. It does not engage in arbitrage or market-making, nor does it promise any unrealistic financial gains. It is designed to outperform those traditional and professional managers, who often fall short due to their high costs and inefficiency.

How do I connect it?

By accessing the bot via Telegram (@artx_ai_bot), the manager will guide you through the whole process in a self-explanatory manner, with all the necessary instructions to securely configure the API Keys and get it running in a matter of minutes.

The bot will guide you step by step until the moment you must choose your risk level. By typing /risk_config, you will get information about what each risk level entails.

In summary, the higher the risk, the greater exposure you’ll have to altcoins, assets other than Bitcoin and ETH, which is ideal for an altseason. With lower risk, you’ll have more exposure to assets like Bitcoin and ETH, as well as to USDT, providing some coverage at certain market times.

What will I see when I connect it?

Once you initiate the ARTX AI Bot, it will take command of your portfolio, dynamically trading assets to align with the optimized portfolio calculated by the AI.

You’ll witness a flurry of activity, with buy and sell orders adjusting your portfolio to the ever-evolving market conditions and its recalculations.

What can I do with the bot?

Once you have connected the ARTX AI Bot, you have four main controls available on Telegram (we will gradually introduce more: please, share with us which options you would like to have).

Current portfolio gives you a snapshot of your holdings and the composition of your portfolio. This information will be updated approximately every hour.

Current funds reflects the fuel in your economic engine, I mean, it will tell you how much money you currently have in your wallet.

Update risk is your throttle. It allows you to change the risk of your portfolio at any time so that you can switch from an aggressive mode to a more conservative one automatically and in a matter of minutes.

Shut down will secure all assets to USDT and put the bot in sleep mode. Once the bot is shut down, if you want to restart it, you will have to go through the configuration process again, being able to put that wallet or another one.

What is the cost of using this bot?

Currently, ARTX AI Bot is only available to those with more than 10,000 $ARTX in their wallet.

Acquire the tokens, join the ARTX DAO Telegram group, and gain full access to this interstellar tool.

What returns can I expect from the bot?

Much like charting a course through the stars, your returns will depend on your chosen risk configuration and the market’s climate. What the ARTX AI Bot does, adjusting to your risk, is to select the assets with the most potential at each moment according to its AI models.

This ensures that you are continuously positioned in assets that are identified by the AI models as having the highest potential and robustness. This way, without having to worry about anything, you can take advantage of the various trends that emerge and the different narratives, without fear of being left out.

Over the next few days, we will be sharing the historical performance of the different configurations, although the best thing will be that we can all analyze and share the real profitability that the bot is offering to users who use it, which is the best way to validate the product.

What are the next steps?

The roadmap is full of advancements and new developments for the ARTX AI Bot.

On one hand, we are going to add new integrations with other exchanges (both CEX and DEX). We will also add new features, such as being able to see a graph with the historical funds in the portfolio, activate manual rebalancing, add additional coverage to the portfolio, etc.

We have a pipeline full of new improvements and updates for the product. And we hope that with the feedback from the community, we can all improve it together and meet the needs of all users.


Gone are the days of chasing market narratives, delving into extensive research, or timing the market. The ARTX AI Bot handles all those aspects for you.

By simply activating it and setting your preferred risk level, it will manage the rest. Are you ready to launch?

Long may the trip continue 🚀

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