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Below, we summarize the work we are currently doing and the new improvements and new developments that are on the table.

Futures Improvement and Past Months Analysis

As we have advanced in the last few days through the Premium Holders group, we have been carrying out a complete analysis of what has happened in the last three months (a performance with which we are not very happy and which is strange to us).

Taking advantage of the adaptation of our trading systems to the futures portfolios, we have readapted Artemis to operate on the futures symbols, and we have improved and retrained it by taking random parts of the historical information to avoid overfitting (something we always do, and which of course is not the reason for the differences found in the performance of the bots in different periods).

We have observed that with a new development and training of the model from scratch, and applying certain improvements (improvements that we are already implementing in the bots that are in production), we find that these last three months show results that we have not seen in the last two years, and that seems to respond to an irregularity of performance of the multiple markets traded by the bot, which a priori seem to have lost some correlation that they maintained between each other before the summer.

Below, we show a summary of the results broken down by each month from January 2020 to this very month of November. In the analysis you can see how regular the strategy has been until the May dip, which seems to have changed more things in the market than we can see at first glance.

Note: for a better interpretation of the data, this analysis sown below is performed without leverage and with the new improvements incorporated in the new model, so it has no relation with the past performance of the Yield Feeding Pool, but it does help us to draw conclusions that something has changed in the market.

2020 — Artemis v2.0 adapted to Futures Market
2021 — Artemis v2.0 adapted to Futures Market

Right now, and as next steps in this topic, the team is working on readapting and retraining the models with this new paradigm (giving more weight to the last period) that seems to have been gaining strength in recent months, to subsequently evaluate it throughout the history and see if our models are also able to adapt to these changes.

We will keep you informed.

Smart Wallet: A Next Step

On the other hand, in our efforts to diversify investment strategies and dependence on certain platforms, we have launched in pre-production a new investment strategy that makes use of the Kucoin exchange and on which we have been working for the last few months.

It is called Smart Wallet, and it is a strategy that consists of analyzing all the cryptocurrencies listed on Kucoin, selecting through multi-timeframe and filtering models which ones we predict will outperform the market and, consequently, distributing our funds among the strongest ones in a dynamic way (constantly changing the portfolio composition).

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing the information we have obtained in the simulations and in the prototype in pre-production and will gradually proceed to incorporate this strategy into the Yield Feeding Pool.

With the launch of this strategy, we will go a step further in the transparency and management of the Yield Feeding Pool: we will track through the telegram tracker this strategy in isolation, also with the objective of allow Premium Holders to contribute with their decisions and opinions on each part involved in the management of the YFP.

End of ARTX Staking Rewards in Samurai StakePad

It ends 2021 and we have decided to stop ARTX staking rewards. There are several reasons that led us to this decision.

On the one hand, the low price of the token as of today makes the APY very small compared to the costs of staking on the Ethereum network, and therefore staking is no longer an incentive to attract small investors, something we wanted to try in the beginning.

On the other hand, staking goes against our philosophy of contractless and non-custody participation in our management fund. This was also the case in the beginning, but at that time it made sense to try something like this to avoid mass sales after the IDO vesting. It did not work as well as we had hoped, mainly because of the disappointing results in the months of vesting end. Nevertheless, it was worth a try, and it was a road to go down to find our place.

For the time being, we will continue for several months to count for ARTX Shares all the tokens that remain staked in Samurai, in case someone does not want to unstake them in these weeks.

November Premium Holders Follow-Up

ARTX Shares continues to be stable despite the tough months we have been through. We have now 4,247,668 tokens in the hands of Premium Holders at the beginning of December, which is the 42% of the total supply.

For the November distribution, there were 149 premium holders elegible for distribution with a total of 3,856,243 ARTX Tokens all of whom have received ARTX worth 25% APR.

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