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3 min readJun 15, 2021


Dear ARTX community, it has been a little over two months since we started this journey and, as you know, we have encountered a very unfavorable market during this time. Those of us who have been in this world for several years know that these market behaviors are to be expected and that we have to be prepared for them, but it is also true that this big correction has hit us at one of the most sensitive moments of the project: right at the beginning.

However, this will only make us stronger. With the data, information, and expertise acquired in this second quarter of the year, we have managed to make our models more responsive to long downturns like the ones we have experienced, in which some of the altcoins our bots work with dipped up to 80% from their ATH.

It was one of the biggest corrections in recent years, and despite the particularity of these situations, and how difficult it is for models and algorithms to adapt to this kind of market which behavior has been very rarely observed historically, our Yield Feeding Pool has managed to outperform Bitcoin, something we are very proud of, despite the losses we have inevitably suffered.

ARTX Shares & Premium Holders

ARTX Shares continues to grow, and we have now reached 2,533,140 tokens in the hands of Premium Holders.

For the May distribution, there were 81 premium holders with a total of 1,450,653 ARTX Tokens. While at the beginning of June, there are 124 Premium Holders with a total of 2,533,140 ARTX Tokens: This represents an increase in Premium Holders by 53% and an increase in TVL of 74% in just one month.

It is important to note that during these tough months, we have also found a formula to compensate to Premium Holders for the less favorable months while maintaining the sustainability of the project (more information here), which will allow us to find the sustainable growth we need and the possibility of taking a longer-term view.

New: BTC Accumulation Strategy

As of today, we have completed the implementation of the BTC accumulation strategy. Over the next few hours, we will allocate approximately 10% of the Yield Feeding Pool funds to this strategy, which will trade on BTC pairs.

You will soon start to see the closing of trades on these symbols in the ARTX Trading Tracker.

In the next few days, we will share with you all the details of the strategy, the development process, and the simulations carried out.

Updates on short strategies development

We continue to develop and test shorting strategies, focused on maximizing profits in bearish market periods. It is very important for us that these short strategies are also capable of being profitable in bullish environments, as this is what will give us long-term stability by combining the different strategies.

Developments are very favorable, and we expect to be able to put the strategy into production in the coming months, earlier than initially planned in the road map, but we cannot yet give an estimated date.

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