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ARTX bot open for premium users

Dear ARTX community, we are pleased to announce that after several months of development and maturation of the project, we have decided to take the step of shifting towards a hybrid business model, where premium users can access ARTX bots in their own Binance accounts. A cloud service, with no configuration, automatic and non-custodial.

We will gradually open the product, firstly by introducing a free prototype to Premium Holders who sign up for the whitelist opening today, accompanying a progressive change in the business model which will add an entirely new layer of utility to the ARTX token.

Public Tokenomics (costs and ARTX utility) will be announced during Q4 2021. For the time being, during the free prototype launch we will be selecting users ten at a time, according to the following criteria:

  1. Having an ARTX referral account:
  2. Number of ARTX held (the more you hold, the more the bot can trade).

Starting today, Premium Holders who wish to have the ARTX Bot on their accounts can sign up on the whitelist using the link below:

For more detailed information on the process, please use the official Telegram channels, the team will be happy to answer any questions.

ARTX Model R3 Bot

Model R3 is the name we have given to this strategy, specially developed in order to be scalable and work properly with a large volume of users.

It operates on $USDT pairs, so it will be necessary for users to have this stable coin in their account for the bot to work (in this first phase, the bot will operate with a maximum of dollars equal to the number of ARTX held divided by 5).

It is also important to say that the bot operates and manages the capital automatically, so it is possible that if the user makes his trades at the same time as the bot on the same account, the bot may interfere with them, so we recommend that the account be used exclusively for the use of the bot.

The following is a summary of the results obtained with this strategy in the simulations, being now in production for about one month.

Linear scale (up to July 31)
Logarithmic scale (up to July 31)

This is not financial advice. It should be known that investing through algorithmic trading bots with cryptocurrencies is a very high-risk investment that can lead to large losses of the invested capital. Past performance does not guarantee future performance, and historical returns are provided for informational and illustrative purposes, and may not reflect actual future performance. The user of these bots accepts and is aware of all these risks and does so at his own risk.

Yield Feeding Pool Evolution

Most of you are probably aware of the latest regulatory and compliance changes that Binance (and other platforms) are implementing. These changes mean that it is no longer possible to use unverified accounts to manage capital, and therefore to manage the Yield Feeding Pool funds on those CEX.

For the moment, we have the situation under control, but this, which we did not expect to happen so suddenly, forces us to hit the gas and to adopt certain changes (such as opening our bots to the public) but also concerning the way we manage the Yield Feeding Pool.

We have started a transition period in which, for the time being, we are developing our bots and strategies to work on other CEXs that do not require KYC, so that we can continue to keep the YFP as it is now.

However, in order to anticipate possible future changes, we are already exploring the possibility of starting to work with DEX platforms, and taking the management of the Yield Feeding Pool to a totally decentralized solution, with bots operating in DEX in all possible ways, always with the same goal, to grow the YFP and share the benefits among Premium Holders.

This would lead to a situation where users could use our bots in centralized exchanges on their own accounts, but also take advantage of decentralized management on the blockchain, which we believe is a very good diversification for the future of the project.

New Website During Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

Big changes don’t come alone, and we continue to improve along the way.

Over the last few months, we have been working on a total website redesign which will have a brand new look, in order to complement our new and upcoming changes.

Coinciding with the official public opening of our bots for premium users, expected for Q4 2021 - Q1 2022, we will have a new interactive website, where you will be able to follow the performances of the bots in real-time as well as access much more detailed information about all of our strategies, products and business.

August Premium Holders Follow-Up

ARTX Shares continues to grow steadily, and we have now reached 3,968,076 tokens in the hands of Premium Holders at the beginning of August, almost 22% more than July.

For the July distribution, there were 149 premium holders with a total of 3,257,434 ARTX Tokens. At the beginning of August, there were 179 Premium Holders with a total of 3,968,076 ARTX Tokens: This represents an increase in Premium Holders by 15.4% and an increase in TVL of 21.8% in one month.

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