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3 min readMar 10, 2021


In the fast-paced times in which we live, with an economy that is evolving at the speed of light and in the face of the digitization and transformation of everyday life, it is essential that wealth management does not lag behind and offers new, secure, open and decentralized solutions to people’s problems.

In this context, ARTX proposes a radical transformation of the traditional management funds, by relying on non-custodial and automatic management strategies that connects the traditional trading world with DeFi ecosystem, making ARTX token holders the main participants of this revolution.

Yield Feeding

As we detailed in this article, we will be managing a Yield Feeding Pool that will be created with the 15% of the total presale funds. Using our trading strategies and bots, we will mobilize that pool in order to make profits and generate passive income that will be used to buy back ARTX Tokens in a monthly basis. We are committed to distribute 80% of all the tokens bought to the steadfast premium holders.

Also, due to the volatility of the strategies and the market, we will create an ARTX Treasury Fund with 1 MM of ARTX, corresponding to the 10% of the total supply in order to be able to distribute that yield among the premium holders also in the months when our bots and strategies do not perform positively.

ARTX Shares in practice

Holders who maintain at least 10,000 ARTX in their wallet over a calendar month will be eligible to be part of the ARTX Shares. Snapshots will take place on the first day of each calendar month. To qualify, holders must maintain at least 10,000 ARTX in the full period between each snapshot.

In proportion to the amount of ARTX hold by the eligible holders, we will distribute the monthly buy back we make with the profits generated by our Yield Feeding Pool or with our ARTX Treasury Fund.

Contractless staking

To make it easy, premium holders will not need to stake or lock their ARTX using a smart contract. Instead, we will be airdropping ARTX to each qualifying wallet.

Initial APY projections

We like to be conservative; this is because even though we are conservative, the results that we get by estimating the benefits that our strategies can generate are truly overwhelming.

We start from the fact that our extremely risky prototype have given us a 1,400% profit in the first 100 days of the year (this historical profit can be tracked back through Telegram). However, we are not going to be extremely risky, and the market has an unpredictable behavior, so being conservative, and performing a good diversification of our Yield Feeding Pool, we estimate a conservative APY of 105% assuming a 15% of mean monthly profit; an expected APY projection of 195% assuming a 40% mean monthly profit and, in a bullish scenario, we obtain a projection of a 305% of APY, assuming a 70% mean monthly profit.

For the record, and to show that we are conservative, our ARTX Yield Feeding Bot (the one that has been publicly tracked on Telegram), has given a profit for the first 100 days of 2021 of 223% per month, which would translate to 861% APY. We know this scenario is an exception, and that is why our projections are lower. However, we cannot ignore it is possible that this exceptional moment will last for a long time, and real APY could be higher than our models projections.

Join us

We are really excited to invite you to be part of the future of wealth management and to participate in the Yiel Feeding revolution.

You can find us in our Telegram Community.



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