ARTX Shares Official Launch

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3 min readApr 6, 2021


After the successful launch of ARTX on April 3rd, and having reached during the following days a price ten times higher than the IDO price, the time has come to announce the official launch of ARTX Shares.

In our efforts to become one of the largest fund management companies in the DeFi ecosystem, and always with the purpose of allowing retail investors to access investment tools and financial products that in the traditional economy they cannot access, we have created a Yield Feeding Pool (YFP) worth $300,000, which we will manage with our bots and strategies to buy back ARTX Tokens with 100% of the profits (which will generate continuous buying pressure) and distribute 80% of the profits we make among the Premium Holders.

How to become a Premium Holder?

All those wallets that hold 10,000 ARTX tokens or more during a whole month without ever dropping below 10,000 will be eligible. The IDO tokens that are not vested will not be counted. As we do contractless staking, we will check the amounts held in the wallets.

How will the distribution be made?

The distribution of ARTX profits will be made proportionally among all Premium Holders who have been holding more than 10,000 ARTX tokens in their wallets (those who hold 20,000 tokens will receive twice as much as those who keep 10,000 tokens).

We will use as a reference the minimum number of tokens that the holder has had during the whole month, in this way we prevent pumps and dumps and favor the accumulation.

The distribution will be made between the 1st-5th of each month, but the token buys will be made randomly throughout the month (with our own liquidity to maintain the compound interest in the bot during the month), so that no one can speculate on the time when the buy backs will be made.

And when are the snapshots?

Snapshots will take place on the 1st of each month. In the case of this month of April, in order to qualify for the May 1st-5th distribution, the first snapshot will be held on Sunday, April 11, at 08:00 PM UTC so that anyone who wants to accumulate 10,000 ARTX tokens and be eligible for ARTX Shares can do so until that day.

How can I see the profits?

The profits produced by our bots and strategies on the Yield Feeding Pool will be tracked in real time through the ARTX Trading Tracker telegram channel. The total amount of funds in the YFP and the trades our bots are performing will be sent almost in real time.

What happens if the market drops and the bot generates losses?

We have reserved 1 million ARTX tokens as Treasury Fund, so that in case the bot does not reach a minimum of 30% profitability during the month, we will supplement its profits (or losses) with ARTX tokens until it reaches a distribution corresponding to 30% profit.

What will happen to the remaining 20% of the profit that will not be distributed to Premium Holders?

In case the bot generates a monthly profit above 30%, this 20% profit will be used to feed the team and reinvest that profit in the project. However, in case the bot does not reach 30%, the 20% will not go to the team, but will be also distributed among Premium Holders.

The pool is always the same size, can it be increased?

As the months go by and the number of holders increases, part of the bot’s profits can be used to feed the Yield Feeding Pool and thus take advantage of compound interest. The Treasury Fund can also be used to replace these profits while increasing the YFP. However, this decision will be made by the Premium Holders, who will be able to vote.



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