ARTX Trading: The future of wealth management

Committed to leading the Yield Feeding revolution and the future of wealth management, we have developed multiple bots and algorithmic trading strategies capable of achieving very high profits during 2020 and 2021.

Our bots are fully customizable and, most important thing, non-custodial: this means that the user keeps his funds in his possession, deposited in his own account on the trading platform (at this moment, Binance). This limits any risk of theft or hacking.

Through an API, they automatically manage the user’s wallet and executes buy & sell orders with the goal of making a profit on each of those transactions. They are able to follow different profitable strategies based on advanced quantitative analysis and, for the time being, they are developed to perform on symbols based on Tether ($USDT) or Bitcoin ($BTC).

One of our most popular bots is ARTEMIS, whose version with leverage x3 is used in the ARTX Community Yielding Plan and in the first 50 days of 2021 has achieved a profit of more than 1000%.

ARTX Community Yielding Bot performance over 2021

You can follow its performance in real-time via Telegram (link).

ARTX Yield Feeding Plan (303,450 $USDT in 49 days)

The first step of our Yield Feeding Plan is to create a Yield Feeding Pool with the 15% of the token $ARTX pre-sale and we will use that fund to make profits which will be reinvested in $ARTX Tokens.

During the 12 first months, we are going to use the 100% of the profits to buy back $ARTX Tokens. After the first 12 months, we will use the 50% of the profit to buy $ARTX Tokens and other 20% will be reinvested in the Yield Feeding Pool.

This will create an ever-increasing buying pressure with the sole purpose of buying back every token that we pre-sold.

With the advancement of the Road Map we will put into production several new strategies and products that will help us to diversify and maximize the Yield Feeding, generating profits not only from conventional trading bots but tokenized strategies (that will connect DeFi Investors with multiplatform trading bots).

Also, our goal is to offer Yield Feeding plans to our customers in order to grow the ecosystem and make Yield Feeding a key value in every financial project.

Using as an example the ARTX Community Yield Feeding Bot, and starting from a 100.000 $USDT Yield Feeding Pool, in 49 days we would have been able to buy back 303,450 $USDT worth in ARTX Tokens.

Token Distribution

$ARTX Tokens will have utility benefits (holders will have priority when it comes to subscribe to future limited tokenized strategies) but, above all, a strong deflationary utility since we are going to buy back $ARTX Tokens using the Yield Feeding profits.

Token distribution

Pre-sale (65,3%):

  • 50% will be invested in technology, research and development.
  • 20% will be invested on marketing.
  • 15% will be used for an initial Yield Feeding pool.
  • 15% will be used as liquidity on Uniswap listing.

Team (10%):

  • 50% for research, products and strategies development
  • 25% for technology and software development.
  • 25% for marketing, social media and advertising.

Tokens will be locked for 24 months with a vesting period of six months for each 25%.

Treasury Fund (10%)

Liquidity (6,5%)

Marketing (5%)

Advisors (5%)

More information

You can visit our website, follow as on Twitter or meet us in Telegram.

Leading the Yield Feeding revolution and the future of wealth management.