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2 min readJun 2, 2021


After the first two months of the ARTX project, we have found some key points of tokenomics that deserve to be improved to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

As of June 2, we have carried out the distribution of ARTX Shares that corresponded to the month of May. With this distribution, we have found a very large and unsustainable incongruity: in the face of one of the largest generalized crypto market declines in recent years, the ARTX distribution resulted in an APR of 138%, that is too large for a negative month, which makes the Treasury empty faster and therefore may compromise our long-term plans.

Therefore, to avoid this type of inconsistency, we have decided to make a change in the negative months and in the consolation distribution.

Consolation distribution

Starting with the next snapshot, the distribution of the months in which there is no profit will be the lower of the two following cases:
1) Either an amount of ARTX equal to 25% APR, or
2) An amount of ARTX worth 24% (80% of the 30% profit) of the initial pool for the month.

In case the monthly profit (minus the contribution to the pool: Pool Growth) is greater than that stipulated in the consolation distribution, that profit will be used for distribution to Premium Holders.

These changes only affect the months of negative performance, since in case of positive months, the distribution and mechanisms of ARTX Shares will be the same as before.

ARTX Shares on positive months

As detailed in this article, the profits will be divided as follows:
— 10% to the team
— 20% to grow the pool
— 70% to distribute to Premium Holders

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