March 2024: Follow-up

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3 min readApr 12, 2024

Dear Artxnauts,

March has concluded with an abundance of updates on our journey. It has been a pivotal month for the project as we have launched the ARTX AI Bot, now available through Telegram for any investor who wants to use it.

They say that time in the market is better than timing the market. We take this to heart because the market is notoriously difficult to predict and often moves against us. In our case, we made the bot public on March 13, almost at the peak of the past month for the entire market.

However, we’d like to share the performance that the different risks and configurations have had throughout the month of March.

News and bot upgrades

In the last few weeks, we’ve worked tirelessly to incorporate new features and improvements to the ARTX AI Bot. Among them, two main highlights:

KuCoin Integration

We have integrated KuCoin into the ARTX AI Bot, allowing our bot’s AI models to be used also on wallets that investors have in KuCoin.

The setup is just as straightforward as for Binance, and the bot’s behavior will be quite similar due to the enough amount of assets available on KuCoin.


We have integrated a new option in the ARTX AI Bot that allows investors to select the hedge they want to maintain in their portfolio, that is, how much dollar (relative to the total size of their portfolio) they want the bot to always keep in stable coin.

There are several uses for this Hedge option:

  • Trading

Investors can convert part of the portfolio to dollars when they think the market is going to go down and put the portfolio back into full swing when they think the market will go up.

This will be as easy as selecting a hedge at each moment, considering that the selected percentage will be the percentage of the portfolio that will be converted to dollars.

  • Profit Withdrawal

You have asked for some method to be able to easily withdraw assets from the portfolio. This would be the best method.

Imagine that you want to take out 40% of the portfolio in dollars from the bot. You just have to select a 40% hedge, wait for that 40% to be put into stable coin, and then withdraw it. After that, you can return to a 0% hedge so that the investment returns to normal.

  • Stand By

A user can select a 100% hedge, which will result in the entire portfolio being 100% in stable coin, pausing all investment.

Keep in mind that the robot will continue to convert the portfolio to dollars, so if the user decides to make any operation at some point, if the bot is operating with a 100% hedge it will automatically return it to dollars, so it is not a substitute for turning it off.

When the investor wants their optimized portfolio back, he can select another hedge again and return to their desired investment.

Long may the trip continue 🚀

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