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Dear ARTX community, we continue to improve the terms and management of our Yield Feeding Pool so that all ARTX investors can get the most out of their investment.

As promised, we have discussed and governed with the Premium Holders how best to grow the Yield Feeding Pool organically and sustainably, so that the project acquires sustained and increasingly profitable growth.

The vast majority of those involved have agreed to contribute a percentage of the monthly profits to the growth of the Yield Feeding Pool. The team has agreed to cut its profit so that monthly distributions remain substantial.

With this goal in mind, it has been concluded to divide the profits as follows:
— 10% to the team
— 20% to grow the pool
— 70% to distribute to Premium Holders

With this data, we have made two simulations with two scenarios, one conservative and the other very bullish, so that you can get an idea of the limits within which we are moving.

Conservative scenario

Assuming a 30% monthly profit (which is guaranteed by Treasury Fund even if the pool grows).

Buyback = Team + Distribution

Bullish scenario

Assuming a 70% monthly profit (very bullish).

Buyback = Team + Distribution

Growth is prioritized

We are going to prioritize the compound and the growth of the pool. So, as an example, if we finish the month on 50k profit, as we are going to distribute $90k on ARTX (because 30% is guaranteed as explained here), $18k (20% of the profit) will be used to compound. $32k will be used to buy back $ARTX Tokens and the rest ($40k on $ARTX) will be distributed from the treasury fund.

Next steps

One of the things that will cause this growth of the Yield Feeding Pool is the increase of buybacks and therefore of the buying pressure, which will make the price always have an upward push.

However, the team is working on more ways to incentivize smaller investors, so that ARTX Token will be even more attractive for them.

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